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How To Have A Meaningful Quiet Time
Written by Chew Kim Seng   
Author: Rick Warren (2007)
Publisher: Campus Crusade Asia Limited

Rick Warren, the author of this book is said to have ignited a spiritual movement in countless communities in 160 countries. Time Magazine named him one of the "100 Most Influential People in the World".

This is a small booklet of 52 pages-teaching us how to have a meaningful Quiet Time with God.

One thing I like about this book is that it is reader-friendly. English is my second or third language and I have no problem understanding this book.The language is simple and easy to understand. This book has three chapters:

  1. Why Should We Have A Quiet Time?
  2. How To have A Meaningful Time With God?
  3. How To Deal With Common Problems In The Quiet Time?

The author listed 3 major reasons why one should have a quiet time:

  1. We need fellowship with God
  2. It is our privilege as Christians
  3. We gain tremendous benefits from it.

The book gets across to the reader the important things. I resumed my quiet time even before I finished the book. Why? Because:

  1. I want to meet with my Abba Father, for it took the suffering of our Lord on the cross to make this possible;
  2. My Lord spent quiet time with His Father and I want to imitate Him and experience the same power and refreshing Jesus did;
  3. The Holy Spirit will strengthen my inner man through God's Word and grace.
This book shows us the ways to have a meaningful quiet time with our heavenly Father.

When we come to God we must come with reverence. Be still, for we know that He is the Lord, God. Expect God to speak to us and enjoy His presence. In order to do this we must be willing to obey Him. I would like to add that if we remember that He has our best interest in mind then it will be easier to obey Him wholeheartedly. Other things he mentioned are basic things such as choosing the specific time and place. Like many other authors Rick Warren also favours early morning Quiet Time. To support this, he quoted the habits of important bible characters such as Moses, Abraham, Job; and even Jesus himself- "Very early in the morning while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house, and went off to a solitary place, where He prayed." (Mark 1:35 )

Rick Warren laid out a simple plan for us to follow. He said that we need 3 items for our Quiet Time: a Bible; a notebook and a hymnbook. The suggested plan may be remembered through the following words, all beginning with the same letter: relax, request, read, reflect and remember.

  1. Relax : Wait on God
  2. Request : Pray briefly. Refer Ps. 139:23; Ps 119:18
  3. Read : Read a section of the Scripture, slowly and repeatedly
  4. Reflect and remember : Meditate and memorize
  5. Record : Write down what God has shown you
  6. Request : Have your time of prayer after God has spoken to you. He helped us with an acrostic P R A Y . When we pray:
Paise the Lord
R Repent of your sins
 Ask yourself and others
 Yield yourself to God's will
It is important to write down what God has shown us. When God speaks to us through His Word, record what we have discovered. Writing it down will enable us, both to remember what God reveals to us and to check on our biblical discoveries. Recording what God has shown us is one way of applying what we see in the Scripture that pertains to our lives. Recently I heard of spiritual journaling. Occasionally I do this and I really enjoy it. I understand also that some of our church members are doing it too. How about you? I would encourage you to try journaling too. 

Lastly, the book dealt with the common problems in keeping the Quiet Time. They are:

  1. The problem of discipline
  2. The problem of dry spells-don't seem to get much from the quiet time;
  3. The problem of concentration; and
  4. The problem of discouragement.
He has come up with practical solutions to these problems. If you are struggling with keeping your Quiet Time may be it is a good idea to review this portion of the book.

Reading this book not only reminds me of the precious privilege of spending time with God alone I also feel compelled to recommend to all those who are serious with their relationship with God. The purpose of spending private time with God and meditating on the Scripture is to know God, to love Him and to be like Him.

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