Wesley Methodist Church Alor Setar

Wesley Methodist Church Alor Setar

Rebuilding Your Broken World
Written by Chan Weng Seng   

Rebuidling_Your_Broken_WorldBroken worlds can be rebuilt. Shattered lives can be restored. This is the theme of this book. With soul searching honesty, Gordon MacDonald uses his own experience to give help and hope. He gives insightful analysis on the causes of sinful wrongdoing. He skillfully identifies the external factors that conspire with our sinful nature to warp and wreck our lives. He rightfully refuses to minimize responsibility and accountability of moral failure. He shares the story of his Spirit-guided restoration on how his broken world was rebuilt. This book born out of indescribable travail is powerful testimony to our Lord Jesus Christ as Redeemer of sinners and as Rebuilder of broken worlds. This book is a remarkable 20th century outworking of the New Testament truth that where sin abounds, God’s grace super abounds

Excluding the Forward and Introduction, this 224 page book contains 19 chapters arranged under 7 parts. The bottom lines given in each chapter succinctly summarizes each chapter.


  • Broken worlds are not uncommon. They can happen to any of us. And if they do, we may not be able to control the damage. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.
  • The pain of a broken-world experience is universal; the ancients knew it as well as any of us.
  • An unguarded strength and an unprepared heart are double weaknesses.
  • Personal insight is not only momentary; it is a healthy way of living. Insight is the first step in rebuilding.
  • Almost no one bears a heavier load than the carrier of personal secrets of the past or the present.
  • The person who carries a secret has sentenced himself to a dungeon.
  • The one spiritual disease is thinking that one is quite well.


  • Influences and moods, people and atmospheres, pressures and weariness: some or all of these, like a smoke screen, can distort what might otherwise be good thinking.
  • Wise people need to know how their spiritual and mental systems operate in various environments.
  • When the body, emotions and the mind are stretched to the limit, the risk of sinful choices climbs out of sight.
  • Misbehavior may often be rooted in the undisclosed things of our past.


  • The freest person in the world is one with an open heart, a broken spirit, and a new direction in which to travel.
  • The process of rebuilding requires some temporary operating principles by which to navigate through the dark times.
  • Listen; receive; give; and then anticipate. No time in the wilderness is ever wasted for the one who intends to return what grace has given.
  • The granting of restorative grace is among the greatest and most unique gifts one christian can give to another.
  • We must assume the inevitability of attacks by an enemy hostile to our spiritual interests and build our defenses in the places he is most likely to attack.
  • The grace that helps to rebuild a broken world is something given: never deserved, never self-induced.
  • When you have been pushed or have fallen to the ground, there can be only one useful resolve: get up and finish the race.
  • A disrespect for the power of evil is a major step toward a broken world.

Why read this book?

Gordon MacDonald answers this for us in the epilogue.

We have spent enormous amounts of energy asking how the church might find renewal. We’ve sought the answers in the pursuit of powerful preaching, evangelistic marketing programs, group dynamics and upbeat, contemporary public services. Perhaps there’s virtue in all these. But I would like to propose that if we were to rediscover the ministry of restorative grace, we might find an enormous number of people crowding forward to receive what God has offered to give through Jesus Christ. There, in the ministry of restoration, may be the key to renewal.

Both inside and outside the church are broken-world people and they are there in no small numbers. They yearn for an understanding (heart) and wise ears and they dearly wish for an amnesty that would provide the chance to make things right and new. If their spirit is right, they are not asking that their sins be diminished or overlooked; they are not asking that people pretend that nothing has happened. What they seek is what the cross of Christ offered: grace freely given, healing fully applied; usefulness restored.

And to the broken-world people: my brothers and sisters in that worldwide fraternity of those who know what it is like to feel useless and hopeless, there are great things to learn when the heart is sweet and open to the disciplining voice of God.

WMCAS has 7 stated CORE VALUES which describe what and who we are.
3 of which are

  1. A Healing-Giving Church to those suffering from
    • physical & psychosomatic dis-eases
    • spiritual oppression & demonic bondages
    • emotional disorders & disturbances.
  2. A Confessing-Forgiving Church. Our culture,
    • Sins readily confessed and
    • Forgiveness freely given
  3. A Fellowship-Restoring Church where
    • no one is insignificant & ignored and
    • every one is shepherded and disciplined with tender loving care.
This is one of the best books I have read and reread concerning the restorative grace of God.

This book deals directly with the issues involved and gives good guidance on how these 3 CORE VALUES of WMCAS can be birthed and nurtured.

I strongly recommend that every member and member-to-be read this book. I encourage this book be read and studied in the CARE groups.

For those of us

  • who have walked through the dark tunnel of moral failure;
  • deeply concerned as we see our brothers and sisters entering into it
  • wondering if they will ever come out of it, this book is life to a dying man.
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