Wesley Methodist Church Alor Setar

Wesley Methodist Church Alor Setar

Written by Chan Weng Seng   

03/05/09 Nehemiah 6:15 - 7:4 FINISHED? NOT YET
Nehemiah 6:15 - 7:4 is the text for tonight’s sermon. The title of tonight’s message is a one word question followed by a 2 word answer - Finished? Not yet! Tonight’s sharing has 2 main points.

  1. Mission completed (6: 15-16)
  2. Ministry continued (6:17-7:4)

For Nehemiah his mission to rebuild the Jerusalem Wall was completed but his ministry to reform the people had just begun. For us:

  1. the project to build this church premise is over but the programmes to rebuild lives is far from over
  2. the construction of this church building is completed bu the reconstruction of lives has to continue.
Written by Chan Weng Seng   

21/09/08 Hebrews 11: 1 -FAITH THAT GOD REWARDS


Tonight’s sermon can be summarized in 3 statements. If you can’t follow all that will be shared tonight, just remember these 3 statements. They will help you stay focused and not be distracted.

  1. Because God rewards those who earnestly seek Him; a faith that closely walks and talks with God is faith that
    • perceive who is believed (i.e. God)
    • receive what is perceived.( i.e. God’s personal word)
  2. When God enables you to perceive what to believe; you overcome the
    • commotion of emotion (i.e. the dictates of your feelings)
    • treason of reason (i.e. the limitations of your thinking)
  3. To receive what you perceive
    • seek for nothing more
    • settle for nothing less

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