Wesley Methodist Church Alor Setar

Wesley Methodist Church Alor Setar

In 1962, the church was recognized by the Methodist Conference. Alor Setar Wesley Methodist Church was officially formed under the auspices of the Penang Wesley Methodist Church. Right around the same time, the Northern District Superintendent, Rev Runyan of the Penang Wesley Methodist Church was approached and he agreed to come up to Alor Setar once a month to conduct the Holy Communion Services in English. It was continued by Rev Wong Onn Tow in 1963. As he was too poor to afford a car, he would travel by bus.

Before long, the Methodist Conference saw the need to post a full-time missionary to Alor Setar. God used these faithful believers from a variety of backgrounds, abilities, interests and need to build His Church - the Alor Setar Wesley Methodist Church.churchbuilding3

churchbuilding1A United Committee comprising 4 members from the Chinese Official Board and 2 each from the Alor Setar Wesley and the Tamil Boards were formed. The 3 pastors were to remain ex-officio. Mr. Lim Swee Ho was elected as the Building Committee Chairperson. Mr. Khor Teik Hooi acted as the coordinator for the Chinese Church and translated the proceedings into Hokkien to the members.churchbuilding2

Rev Emerson Abram, a missionary pastor, his wife Ruth and 2 children arrived in Alor Setar at the end of 1963. His integrity, initiative and practical sense saw the successful supervision and implementation of the church building project. The architect was Mr Norman Lepey and the contractor was Mr. Chan Chooi Poh.

The cost of the building came up to RM74,000 including furnishing and fittings. The construction began with the Chinese Parsonage with the proviso of a hall on the ground floor to hold the 3 services during the interim period while the main building was under construction.

The church building was completed at the end of 1965 with Rev Emerson Abram at the helm. The cost of the building were borne as follows: Chinese Church - 50%, Alor Setar Wesley Methodist Church - 25% and the Tamil Methodist Church - 25%. The Tamil Church would hold their service on Friday. Alor Setar Wesley had her service on Sunday at 6.30 p.m. The Chinese Church held 2 services on the same day; one in the morning and the other at 8.00 p.m.


Rev Emerson served as the First Resident Pastor until 1967. He was replaced by Rev. Chu Chak Keong who served from 1968 - 1970

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