Wesley Methodist Church Alor Setar

Wesley Methodist Church Alor Setar


Footprints is a reminder of God's faithfulness to WMCAS through the years. Through this journey of going back to the past, it is hoped that we'll see God's guiding hand, His faithfulness seen in His providence. It is also hoped to serve as an encouragement to us, knowing of God's faithfulness in the generations before.

The Alor Setar Wesley Methodist Church had its beginning in the early 1950s when a small group of pioneers were allowed to join the Tamil Methodist Church in their services. There was also a Chinese service sharing the Methodist Church Building. The lot was purchased by the Tamil Methodist Church in around 1949 for about RM6,000.

Old Church

Mr. Samuel Eliamthamby from the Tamil Methodist Church was instrumental in requesting the Northern District Superintendent, Rev Dosworth of Penang Wesley Methodist Church, for help in the construction of a new church building. Rev Dosworth was successful in purchasing it from the Chinese owner of the lot.

In the middle of the lot stood a square wooden double storey 40 by 40 feet building with an attap roof. The services were held on the ground floor, while the Chinese Pastor, Rev Mdm Tan Phaik Geok resided on the first floor.

The pioneer group grew to about 15 peopleEarly Church and it was felt that there was a need to form a Wesley Methodist Church in Alor Setar. Among the early pioneers were Mr. & Mrs. Lim Swee Ho, Mrs. Thamboo, Dr. Chan Kam Nogh, Mr. & Mrs. Yeoh Kheng Lock and Ms Rammi Manikan. They found favour with the Tamil Official Board (LCEC) where the late Mr. Samuel Eliathamby (the father of Mrs. Thamboo) and his son-in-law, Dr. Thamboo played prominent roles. God planted a great love for Him in the hearts of these early pioneers, and they in turn trusted Him and planted the beginnings of the Alor Setar Wesley Methodist Church.

The church continues to grow to include Mrs. Tan Boon Lin (nee May Lian), Mrs. Esther Lau, Mrs. Elizabeth Devaraj, Mrs. Alice Lim, Dr Sunny Yeoh, Mrs. Chan Foo Leong and Dr. Rose Wong. A memorable worship service was when there were only 4 in attendance. The speaker (Mrs. Devaraj), liturgist (Mrs. Chan Foo Leong), pianist (Mrs Alice Lim) and one member (Mrs. Tan Boon Lin). But aside from days like that, the church continues to grow. And soon there were recognized by the Methodist Conference. God's hand was upon them... Job 10:8 ; Your hands shaped me and made me.. You gave me life."

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