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4th March, 1966 witnessed the dedication and consecration of the Kanchut Church Building for the glory of God by the then Methodist Bishop, Rev. Robert F. Lundy, amidst a large gathering of Church Officials, guests and members of the 3 congregations. The Bishop unveiled the plaque which is encased at the wall near the entrance to serve as a remembrance of that occasion. The service was followed by tea and refreshments at the hall below the Chinese Parsonage.

churchbuilding5The 1970s saw God raising up missionaries and pastors who contributed significantly to growth of Alor Setar WMC. In 1970, Rev James Kyle introduced a study group called the "Study, Social Involvement Nucleus" (SSIN) which led to a successful free tuition program for needy examination classes students. Our church today is still running such classes.

In 1970, missionary pastors were replaced by local pastors. Mr. Joseph Lim served briefly as a pastor in 1971 followed by Ms Aileen Khoo as a Supply Pastor. She played a role in transforming the role of women in the church.

From 1972 - 76, Rev Roland Chan, a young pastor impacted the youth and a Children's Holiday Bible Club Program. His vision and commitment saw changes in every area of the church life and fellowship. Additional Friday nights worship were conducted for those who could not make it for the Sunday night worships.

Mr. Ong Ing Pee served briefly from 1977 - 78. His tenure signified the beginning of the active role of laity in the church leadership. The laity were nurtured to take up leadership, especially in Christian Education, Youth Work and Finance. In the absence of a pastor in 1979 - 1982, the laity rose to the occasion as leaders n the life and work of the congregation.

Pastor Tan Wee Li's appointment from 1982 -1983 saw tremendous strides in evangelism, discipleship and lay participation. He believed in a more personalized and caring relationship within the church community which resulted in the formation of 4 Bible Study cum Care Groups(CG). This led to the training of 10 leaders who functioned as "under-shepherds' to provide pastoral care. Some of these leaders were Chan Weng Seng, Lee Peng Chiat, Chiam Yow Lip, Ch'ng Yeang Boon, Dr. Lee Kok Tee. 4 members successfully obtained the Lay Preacher's Licence (LPL) through training programmes and a 'Mission Month' in June 1983.

From January -June 1984, Pastor Lawrence Francis' short stint further strengthened the role of a strong group of active and committed lay leaders who provided leadership in CORE groups, Bible Study and Church administration. They initiated a children's creche to encourage more families to worship on Sundays.

Pastor Hwa Jen served from 1985 and 1988. The church witnessed a refreshing and dynamic growth during this time. He placed high priority on forging closer ties in the church community through frequent visitations. There was much praise to God, with many members and friends forging unity and voluntarily serving in all the areas of church life. For the first time in many years, we had a Church Christmas gathering and Church Family Camp. A notable development was the greater involvement of the Women's Society of Christian Service, the precursor of the present-day Methodist Women (MW) and the Methodist Youth Fellowship in the total life of the church, made possible by the love of the faithful and committed members who served willingly in the church.

In tandem with the 'Love In Action" policy, the Social Concerns Ministry adopted the Pokok Sena Old Folks Home as a show of Christ's love and compassion for the poor, sick and needy. They cheerfully carried out the cleaning of the premises, mending worn-out clothes and even sharpening knives!

The 1990s was another era of growth. Pastor Ricky Ho took over in 1991. He initiated the weekly Friday Morning Prayer for intercession. The church experienced the power of prayer especially among the young adults. The church moved into a higher level of evangelism. And this resulted in the implementation of a Mission Awareness Programme.

Rev Lau Tong Hoong's tenure as the pastor between 1992 - 1997 witnessed many milestones in the growth of the church. The Sg Petani Preaching Point was started on 20 Feb, 1993 with weekly Saturday Worship Services. 1994 witnessed the planting of a new Preaching Point in Kuala Kedah to meet the needs of the Chinese community. Worship services were conducted on Fridays, where Hokkien and Mandarin were used.

The 1994 Church theme, "Saying Yes to God's Love and Restoration" took on new dimensions, resulting in God's restoration in many areas in the Church. Another significant development was the formation of 3 Care Groups which had a total of 25 members. They met weekly at the homes of the members for a time of worship, intercessory prayers, Bible Studies and fellowship.

By 1996, the membership stood at 84, with attendance numbering around 90. It was then felt that the growth of the Church necessitated a new sanctuary.

A mission trip to Haadyai was organized where 60 members preached the gospel through musical presentation and drama to Thai citizens. The MW had 20 members who would meet fortnightly for prayer meetings which resulted in the Ladies' Prayer Chain which met on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month.

God's strength was upon the congregation as He raised a team of Lay Leaders who took on the responsibilities of leading the Church in the absence of a Pastor between 1997 - 2000. Care Groups increased to 4. There was a Bible Study group in Sg Petani. Community outreach was through the Kindergarten, Form 4 & 5 tuition classes, evangelistic Anniversary Dinners in Alor Setar and Sg Petani, Children's Evangelistic Camp and mission trips to Sabah and Sarawak.

During this period, Lim Keong Goo was a Supply Pastor and Lee Peng Chiat was receiving Pastoral training under another church.

The community building was strengthened. The pulpit preaching on the book, "The Purpose Driven Church" by Rick Warren and Book of Philippians helped the Church be more focused. The Church allocated 17% of her income to the support of 14 missionary organizations. The Missions Chairman, Dr. Choy Yin Weng joined Pastor Eric Cheah on a mission trip to Vietnam in June 2000.

Lee Peng Chiat was appointed the Approved Supply Pastor in 2001. God has been gracious in providing the needs of her people. The purchase was made for 3 shoplots at Bandar Sri Ampang in 2003 as the new sanctuary for Wesley Methodist Church Alor Setar, WMCAS.

From 2002 onwards, Church involvement in missions grew. Medical teams were also sent out to the villages in Perak. The MW ministered to the Christian Iban women at Kem Tok Jalai. There were also active participation in the mission trips by the young people in the TRAC National Youth Mission.

From 2004 onwards, the Missions Committee initiated the publication of Missions Newsletter as platforms of education, information and encouragement. Church Prayer Meetings were also initiated.

As we look back, God has been truly faithful and good to us. He has also raised many wonderful and blessed leaders from among the congregation into full-time ministry.

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