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Wesley Methodist Church Alor Setar



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Written by Siew Lan   

The Methodist Women of WMCAS had the first meeting for 2011 at the President's (Mdm Hong Chooi Ho) house.
We are glad that for this meeting we could get a young lady, Mrs Daniel Kopial (nee Emily Ch'ng) to demonstrate the art of DECOUPAGE. The turn out was very encouraging.
After a short time of praise led by our sister Juliewati, it was time for the much-looked-forward-to activity. I do believe everyone had fun and were pleasantly surprised by what creative juices run in them!! See the photos and you will understand ...

Written by Loh Lee Fun   
The Wesley Methodist Church Methodist Women AGM was held on 28-09-2009 at the Parsonage. Mrs. Esther Lau started the ball rolling with a warm welcome to the ladies and Pastor. She also led in the worship. This year we were honoured with the presence of the TRAC MW President, Mrs. Evelyn Lim and the TRAC Northern District President, Mrs. Cheng Saw Tin.

Peh Lan led us in the opening prayer. Devotion went high tech that night with the aid of the Power Point and a video clip. Peh Lan shared on "The Spiritual Atmosphere for MW." According to her, the MW needs to move into a new and higher plane. To do that we need to work on the following areas:
  1. commitment
  2. spirit of excellence
  3. team work
  4. principles of grace

With the devotion done, we went into the key business for the night. The President, Secretary and Treasurer presented their reports and were duly passed. Next on the agenda was the election of the new committee for 2010. The following were elected into office.

President : Hong Chooi Ho
Vice President : Juliewati Gonawan
Secretary : Loh Lee Fun
Treasurer : Christina Loke
Committee Members : a) Lai Meow Nee
b) Yeap Koi Swan
Counsellor : Esther Lau
Ex-Officio : Pastor Lee Peng Chiat

Coordinators of Programmes
Spiritual Life : Lee Peh Lan
Christian Education : Joan Nga
Social Concerns & Outreach : Yap Sun Lin
Local Church Activities : Ooi Poh Hong

Nominations Chairperson
Chairperson : Chan Phaik Yew
Committee Members       
: a) Lai Meow Nee
b) Esther Lau

With all the business done, the meeting ended with some light refreshments and fellowship.

Written by wmcas   

Thursdays in Black is an international campaign demanding freedom from violence and the fear of violence for women. It has its roots in groups such as Mothers of the Disappeared in Argentina, Black Sash in South Africa and the Women in Black movements in Israel-Palestine and the former Yugoslavia.

It started as a human rights campaign and was started by the World Council of Churches during the 1980's as a peaceful protest against rape and violence -  the by-products of war and conflict. Many groups, including Amnesty International, are supporting Thursdays In Black to stop violence against women.

The campaign encourages people to wear to black campaign T-shirt or other black clothing and a campaign badge every Thursday as a sign of their support.

Wearing black on Thursdays and a campaign badge or T-shirt, demonstrates that you support the promise of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to provide equality, freedom from discrimination, violence and fear - a promise made to all human beings.

Wearing black on Thursdays says, I support the human right of women to live in a world without violence, rape and fear.

It's not just a women's campaign however. We know that many, if not most people - men and women are opposed to the idea of violence against women, and we know they are likely to give support to the campaign. It's time to turn words of support into public commitment!

Written by wmcas   

The Week of Prayer and Self-Denial will be from 10th - 16th August, 2009.


The General Conference Methodist Women of the Methodist Church in Malaysia is responsible for this annual "Week of Prayer and Self-Denial" Project. This is a joint project carried out by 6 Annual Conferences of Methodist Women of Malaysia. Through this project it hoped that unity of heart and spirit in God's work will be cemented. It is also a reminder that there is so much we can do to build God's Kingdom. At that end, as we fast, remember those who can make use of the saving and contributions made from our 'denials'.

The focus of the 7-day devotion will be the following:

  1. The Holiness of God (Leviticus 10:3 ; 19:2; 1 Samuel 2:2 ; Is 6:3)
  2. Holiness and Sanctification (Romans 1:1-2 )
  3. Personal Holiness (1 Peter 1:13-16 ; 2 Corinthians 7:1 ; 2 Timothy 2:22 )
  4. Total Consecration (John 12: 24 -26; Matt 16:24 )
  5. Meditation on the Word is a Key to Holiness (John 17:17 ; Colossians 3:16 )
  6. To grow in the Spirit (1 Corinthians 2: 9 -16)
  7. Being salt and light in the world (Matt 5:13-16 )
Written by wmcas   

We often hear of the great men in the Bible, but seldom of the great women. Yet women have played a huge role in shaping the history during Biblical times. The women of those early times helped to shape the history of Israel. They were also faithful in their walk and service to God. The women folk were among the last to leave the Cross where Jesus was crucified. They were also among the first to witness the Resurrection of Christ, therefore bearing the Good News of His Resurrection. There were those who were named and those who were not. The Woman at the Well, the Widow of Zarephath, the Persistent Widow; these are a few of the many in the Bible remembered for their perseverance, faithfulness and persistence.

So the ladies in the church have their roles too. Where challenges arise, they too pray and serve faithfully.

Monthly meetings are scheduled on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month. The meetings start with praise and worship. Devotion is either by our own members or invited speakers.

The Ladies' Prayer Chain meets regularly every 1st and 3rd Monday of each month for prayer, praise and worship.

The MW also from time to time carry out Fund Raising Projects. For this year, it has been proposed that the proceeds will be channeled to the O Ta Sign Village in Cambodia.

The MW also supports the RBC Ministry with a love gift of RM500. RBC in turn sends 70 copies of the devotional material "Our Daily Bread" for distribution among church members.


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