Wesley Methodist Church Alor Setar

Wesley Methodist Church Alor Setar

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Thursdays in Black is an international campaign demanding freedom from violence and the fear of violence for women. It has its roots in groups such as Mothers of the Disappeared in Argentina, Black Sash in South Africa and the Women in Black movements in Israel-Palestine and the former Yugoslavia.

It started as a human rights campaign and was started by the World Council of Churches during the 1980's as a peaceful protest against rape and violence -  the by-products of war and conflict. Many groups, including Amnesty International, are supporting Thursdays In Black to stop violence against women.

The campaign encourages people to wear to black campaign T-shirt or other black clothing and a campaign badge every Thursday as a sign of their support.

Wearing black on Thursdays and a campaign badge or T-shirt, demonstrates that you support the promise of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to provide equality, freedom from discrimination, violence and fear - a promise made to all human beings.

Wearing black on Thursdays says, I support the human right of women to live in a world without violence, rape and fear.

It's not just a women's campaign however. We know that many, if not most people - men and women are opposed to the idea of violence against women, and we know they are likely to give support to the campaign. It's time to turn words of support into public commitment!

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