Wesley Methodist Church Alor Setar

Wesley Methodist Church Alor Setar



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Henry July 2014

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Dr. Choy extended his thanks to all those who supported him. In March we were invited to Taiping Methodist Church to share what we’ve done.

Missions perspective
The Great Commission. Our focus is on teaching them to observe all that Christ has commanded.

Every individual to know and grow in the Lord.

To provide an avenue and opportunity for every individual to fulfil the Great Commission via ministry mission program, teaching them to observe all

Mission Support

  1. Mission organizations and agencies
  2. Missionaries (new and old)
  3. Child adoption scheme (World Vision)
    1. Local
      • Sengoi community)
      • Vietnamese Foreign workers
    2. Overseas
      • Cambodia
  4. Newsletter
  5. Notice board
  6. Missions Sunday
  7. Missions seminar, workshop, conference
  8. TRAC Board of MMissions Consultations
  9. CG mission involvement
  10. Mission trips
  11. Mission Awareness
  12. Mission Field


Blessing the Nation
As ordinary people with extra ordinary love.
(A word of thanks to all for the support)



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