Wesley Methodist Church Alor Setar

Wesley Methodist Church Alor Setar

Written by wmcas   

Speaker : Pastor Leonard Lim
Date : 5th Dec, 2010


Tonight’s focus is on the central of our being. From the Bible, the heart is actually the seat of our mind, will and emotion. Our emotions can be negative; bitterness, anger, etc. Emotion can also refer to love, affection. Our heart is the core of our being, the inner self of our being and attitude. Our heart describes us very effectively. Jeremiah 17:9 ; God knows our heart. The heart is desperately wicked. That includes everyone. Someone said, the heart of the matter is the matter of the heart. Sometimes our decisions and experiences bring about wounded and broken heart. As a result Jesus came to heal (Isaiah 61:1-2 ) the broken hearted. In Psalm 51:17 ; this verse tells us God does not despise a broken and contrite heart. God is extra careful with us. If we’ve done something wrong and we’re repentant, God is compassionate with us.

God told the Israelites not to harden their hearts. When the children of Israel were tried in the wilderness, the Bible tells us the harden their hearts against God; even though they had seen God’s provision and protection for them in their years in the wilderness. Yet they harden their hearts and tested God. In Hebrews 3:10 ; God said they had not known their ways despite all the miracles they had witnessed.

The Scriptures tells us God requires us a clean and pure heart. In Psalm 51:10 ; David prayed after he repented of his sin of adultery and murder. He cried out to God and prayed to God to create in him a clean and pure heart. If we are like David, can we still have a clean and pure heart? The answer is yes, provided we are genuinely repentant.

In Matthew 5:8 ; one with clean and pure heart can see God. WE should pray to God to create a clean and pure heart in us. The heart is important. It defines our lives, it monitors our lives’ condition and the heart shows our well-being. Scriptures (Proverbs 4:23 ) tell us to guard our heart. Life and death can come out from the heart.

Let’s consider the issue of the compassionate heart. The compassionate heart is not harden towards the needs of others; towards those who are hurting or are lost. We need to have a compassionate heart for people like Jesus. Matthew 9:36 ; Jesus was moved to compassion to different groups of people. I asked myself why I am in church. I hope we don’t come out of duty. Actually church should be for everyday. The church should be out of these four walls to be compassionate to the needy. In Matthew 14:14 ; when Jesus saw a great multitude, He was moved by compassion and healed the sick. Compassion drove Jesus to minister to the needy, sick.

A compassionate heart would also lead to a peaceful heart with a clear conscience. 1John 3: 17; whether or not people would condemn us. If we see a brother in need and closes our heart to it, how can the love of God reside in us? Let us not love in tongue or speech but in deeds, by this we shall have peace in our hearts before Him. If our hearts condemns us, God is greater than our hearts. It’s an issue of conscience.

A compassionate heart values God. By showing compassion to people, we are doing it unto God. In Matthew 25:40 ; when we show compassion to God’s children we are doing it for God. Live with God’s love always – this is the heart of compassion.

The happy heart; a merry heart does good like the medicine. Some says a good sense of humour gets us through tough times. One doctor suggested that laughter is like internal jogging. A little humour would bring more appreciation, loyalty, etc. I am by nature not a laughing person. I am a melancholic. We tend to fall easily into depression. Most of us are far too serious. We are frequently uptight. We lose our perspective over small things. But we can choose to be happy. We can choose to laugh or smile more; or to enjoy people. Don’t pick up hurts. As we grow older we tend to laugh less. Children laugh 200 times while adults laugh 6 times a day.

In Deuteronomy 12:7 ; God told the Israelites to rejoice. It is good to rejoice because it reflects well on God. In everything we should rejoice because the Lord our God has blessed us and is with us. So celebrate your relationships with your spouse, children, church friends and colleagues.

The willing heart is actually a generous heart. It’s not just about giving money cos we can give out of compulsion reluctantly. Exodus 35 ; Moses asked the children to come forward to support the building of the Tabernacle and He asked only for willing givers. In verse 5, he asked those of willing hearts to bring an offering. In verse 10, those who are gifted artisans to come to make all the Lord has commanded. In verse 21, then came everyone who was willing. The people responded. They gave and also worked.

In 2 Corinthians 9:7 ; Paul said each man should give what he has decided to give because God loves a cheerful giver. A cheerful giver is a willing giver. We should also be generous and willing in our emotions – not be quick to hold grudges. Be willing also to forgive; Psalm 51:12 .

Be willing also and generous with our words. Speak kindly. Be an encourager. Speak good words. Sometimes I observe that many of us end up with the habit of talking negative things. Be quick to build and not tear. Be ready to give credit when it is due. Be more willing to the cause of the needy, etc.

Use our abilities to meet the needs. Let me end by asking you this: How is your heart today?



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