Wesley Methodist Church Alor Setar

Wesley Methodist Church Alor Setar

Written by wmcas   

Speaker    : Ps Kuilan
Scriptures : Luke 2:8-11
Date          : 19th Dec, 2010

Christmas is now very commercialized. Many of us have forgotten the purpose of the celebration. There is a need for us to put into right perspective this celebration. Christmas is the most celebrated festival in the world. In the midst of it all, we need to understand and capture the fullness of the meaning of Christmas why Christ came to give us the reason for this celebration. In Luke 2:8-11 , the angel brought about 3 profound statements. We find 3 purposes of Christmas here.

The angel said, “I bring you the good news of great joy.” I’m reminded of the Khors golden wedding anniversary. It was a celebration of great joy. If the Khors were not there during their celebration, it would be of no meaning. In our context, our faiths is also like that. We get buried by our busyness of Christmas preparation and leave out the guest of honour, Christ.

First purpose of Christmas; it is a time of celebration – to celebrate the Good News. In this God News, the 3 messages in it consist of God loves us, God is with us and God is for us.

If God doesn’t love us unconditionally, we would not be here today. God’s love is not based on what you do but based on who God is. His nature, character, being is simply loving us.

God is with us – Emmanuel. We need people in our lives and more so God. The reason why we sometimes feel lonely is because we are not connected with God. God never intends for us to be lonely, hence this announcement of Good News.

God is also for us – if God is for us, who can be against us. The power of God is manifested in the Good News. That makes a big difference in our lives. A few months ago, my mom had a growth in her rectum and I was very troubled. She was admitted to Ipoh but since nothing was done, I transferred her to Alor Setar. I texted your pastor to ask for prayers. In the midst of that difficult moment, God was for me. God was there for me. I am reminded that all things will work out for those who believe. My mom is a non-believer. We took the opportunity to share with her and she accepted Christ.

Often times we lose sight of this Good News. To some the celebration becomes a time of getting presents or a time for partying, or even a time to get away for holidays. Nothing fitted into the reason for the celebration.

The first purpose  of Christmas is we are here to celebrate the birth of Christ.

The second purpose is to remind us we need to be saved, our salvation. There are 3 dimensions in salvation: You and I are saved from something, saved for something and we are saved by grace. We are saved from our sin, past, old nature, guilt, worry, bitterness, anger, boredom, unforgiveness and so on. We need to be saved from sin. The issue here is ‘I”. Sin caused fear, conflict, fear among God. The lack of connection with God results in sin.

Sometimes when we have a struggle in our lives, we look at the wrong places. We need to be saved from the contents of our hearts and minds. We need a Saviour to deliver us. We need to be saved from something and that is why Christ came. We are made by God and for Him. Until we understand that life will not make sense.

We are also saved for something. You come out of something and into something. We are saved for a purpose. We don’t come to church Sunday after Sunday just to warm the chairs. 2 Tim 1:9 ; we are saved for His own purpose. We can live in these levels - the survival people or the success level. Many of us are in this level. But what matters most is are we making a significant impact in our call as a believer. Knowing God and knowing His purpose – that’s our challenge. We are supposed to be disciples in The Great Commandment – to love our God with all our heart, mind and soul. We are supposed to go and make disciples. That is the challenge for each of us.

We are saved by God’s grace. It’s not something we earned or buy. God’s richest given at Christ’s expense – that’s what grace is. It came at the expense of Christ’s life. Life and meaning are given to us.

The 3rd purpose is simply for the reason of reconciliation; broken relationships are restored. There is peace. There can only be peace in us when we invite the Prince of Peace into our hearts. What kind of peace does Christ give to us? The peace with God, peace of God and peace with each other.

We need peace with God. The Bible says we have peace with God through Christ. It’s important that in our Christian walk we must connect with God and have peace with God. We make peace by faith and that peace must rule in our heart. And when we are connected with God (relational peace) only after we’ve made peace with God then we get the peace of God in our heart, only then we get the emotional peace. Then there will be changes for the better. The peace of God will rule in our life when we have the peace with God. When the peace of God rules in our hearts then we begin to make peace with one another. Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called the children of God.

Christ has never stopped loving us. The Good News is meant for all of us. Christmas is about giving gifts. If you are given a gift and refuse to open it, the gift becomes worthless. There are Christians who have not opened the gift. We need to open it up. My challenge to you:

1.       Where are you as far as the purpose of God is in your life?

2.       The peace of God in our lives.

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