Wesley Methodist Church Alor Setar

Wesley Methodist Church Alor Setar

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Speaker: Dr. Moses Khor
Date : 25th December 2010

Dr. Moses Khor grew up in this church. He was part of the youth group. Even though has left Alor Setar for 24 years, it is always in his heart.

Back then there was no internet. Letters from home took 1 week to get to me in Melbourne. Replies took another week to get to my parents. Today, the internet has sped up communication. With Skype, we can even have video conferencing. The internet has been great for us. But not everything from the Net is good. You get spam and lots of junk. You even get computer viruses. Every now and then I even receive emails which promise me money if I open the files they send me. But often these gifts are too good to be true. For those who use the Internet often you also experience such things.

Christmas also talks about gift. It’s a time to exchange gifts with each other. As we have sung and shared this morning, we sang about God’s gift to us. We’ve read from Romans 6:23 ; that the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus. So, God offers us a free gift but some of us may feel that God’s free gift is like those ‘too-good-to-be-true’ promises in those emails. It promises too much. For those who have heard the Christmas message, we believe that we receive forgiveness, have eternal life, enjoy his healing, peace and we receive His love and share it with one of another. For some this is just too good to be true.

We feel that there could be some hidden costs. The world’s media is always emphasizing this. It also says that Christianity is intolerant. That we are against fun and freedom. Christians don’t know how to enjoy life. We don’t drink or smoke or gamble. So these are the reasons why some of us might feel that we should be cautious about unwrapping God’s gift for us.

But what I want to share is we should unwrap this gift from God. We should receive this gift God has given us and receive Jesus as our Lord and Saviour.

Why should we do it? I believe that the testimony of the Bible is true. Today, I want to also suggest that perhaps you could trust the testimonies of your friends. Because they are our friends, we trust them. All we need to do is to confirm with them. Just as in the suspicious emails, we can confirm with our friends that what they send to us is good and is for my benefit.

It is likewise when we open the gift from God. If it comes along with the recommendations and testimonies of your friends, you can be confident of opening it. When I first went to Australia, there were not many Malaysian restaurants. It was hard to find cheap and authentic food. So often we had to rely on the recommendations of our friends. And because of that we were confident that going there would not be a waste of our hard earned money.

Today I am sure you have many friends here who recommend to you to open God’s gift. Their testimonies is reliable because you know them. They know you. They want you to benefit. I was pleasantly surprised when I came here and opened the bulletin. There is a testimony in it from brother Kim Seng. I am sure his is not the only testimony. Your friends here would have their own testimonies too. Those of you who celebrated my parents’ 50 years Wedding Anniversary would have heard their testimonies about how Jesus entered their lives and how that has changed their lives. We as their children benefitted too because we received God’s love through them. You would have heard how God has changed their lives for the better.

This brings me to the next reason why you should open God’s gift. You can see positive changes and transformation in their lives. You can see changes in their attitudes. You can see their life’s goals be transformed for God and not for their selfish reasons. You can be confident of opening God’s gift for you because you can see the power of God in their lives. You can see the effectiveness of God in their lives.

But let me say not everyone changes to the same degree. I have to confess that the changes in my life cannot be compared to my mother’s spiritual maturity. She is one of the most patient person I know. To raise 4 children, especially me, required a lot of patience. But I will confess you that God has changed my life. My changes may not be as dramatic as my parents but God has changed my life for the better.

Growing up in Kulim, I’ve been deeply impressed by the works of Rev Khoo Boo Leong among the drug addicts; how changes affect the lives of people who have been enslaved and destroyed by drugs. They were able to give up all these drugs and turned to God because Jesus came into their lives. The changes were so dramatic. The hope they received from Jesus was so great that quite a number of them became Pastors.

So friends, today I want to share with you that you have the confidence to unwrap God’s gift for you. You can be confident that it is good for you, that there can be positive changes in your lives. It is as simple as this. First consider the message we’ve shared with you. Secondly is to consider the testimonies of your friends and to witness the power of God in their lives. Thirdly is to receive the free gift of God in your life. Don’t put it off or delay. Don’t think that you can wait another time; that the gift can still be there.

Let me share a story. Last year I was given a gift card for a book store by my student. I put it away and forgot about it. When I remembered, I forgot where I put it. Last month I found the card. But when I looked at it, it had expired. So we should open God’s gift. Life takes many twists. There are changes unexpected. We do not know what awaits us.

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