Wesley Methodist Church Alor Setar

Wesley Methodist Church Alor Setar

Written by Siew Lan   

Topic : Discipleship

Speaker: Pr Phua Seng Tiong

Scriptures: Luke 9:23

Date: 9 JANUARY 2011


Luke 9:23 – Jesus said ‘If anyone would come after me…’It is an INTENTIONAL choice, a decisive decision. Can choose not to come; can choose to say ‘some other time’. Our whole life is a life of choices. This is the greatest difference between man and all God’s other creation.

Discipleship is really a call for relationship. From the very beginning, in the Garden of Eden, God had an amazing relationship with his creation. It was meant to be like that. But when we chose wrong, we immediately disconnect ourselves from a harmonious relationship with God. Jesus is calling us to come after Him AGAIN. This is not a plan B. There is no plan B. Jesus' coming was an enabling to have a restored relationship with God. When we accept Jesus as Saviour God, we are not turning over a new leaf, not a new start. We are given a new ‘life’ to start with because the ‘old’ has gone (2 Cor 5:14 ).

Discipleship is also a journey. From Genesis, since the Fall, to Revelation – it is always a call to return, a call to be reconciled. Because we are reconciled to Him, now God gives us a ministry of reconciliation and He gives a a message of reconciliation. 2 Cor 18:20 - We will never be in any good standing before God except through Jesus’ righteousness. When we come to know Jesus we begin to change to be more like him. Romans 8:29  –  we need to be conformed to the image of God. The more  we conform, the more we will understand  what discipleship is all about. A disciple is someone who learns to live the life of his teacher. A disciple has a ‘L’ licence.  Paul, after Damascus experience, took a turn and flip-flop for Jesus. Everything that Jesus taught, he taught, everything that Jesus did, he did – so that he will be like Jesus. We pay no subscription fees to come into God’s kingdom. There is no associate membership. Jesus paid the price with His life.

Jesus said ‘If anyone would come after me, he must  deny himself…. Every christian should have a funeral service everyday because the self must die. If the self doesn’t die it is hard for the life of Jesus to be seen. Martin Luther said …’God creates out of nothing, therefore until a man becomes nothing, God cannot make nothing out of him.’ Bonke said…’I am 0(zero).When I am there with Jesus, Jesus is 1(one). ..When I stand beside Jesus, I am a 10(ten)… the more zeros I am, the more I am..’

John 6:36 ….many turned back…-  Jesus is not saying …don’t have an identity; Jesus is saying… when you take up my identity you never know what is going to happen

…and take up the cross…most people think this refers to suffering. But it is not only that. Everyone needs to be a zero so that we can take up the cross, that is take up the same mission as Jesus. From the time of his birth, Jesus was on this mission to the cross. Myrhh is for embalmment.

…and follow me…following him means to become more and more like Him. Romans 12:1-2

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