Wesley Methodist Church Alor Setar

Wesley Methodist Church Alor Setar

Care Group Adullam has been doing a study of methods, principles and guidelines for proper Bible study. Some highlights are: 

  1. Proper attitudes in Study - Ezra "prepared his heart to seek the law of the Lord." [Ezra 7:10 ]
    Right methods of study must begin with right attitudes.
    • Appreciate the importance of study.
    • Study with an open mind and love for truth
    • Respect the Bible as being verbally and infallibly inspired
    • Believe that the Bible can be understood
  2. Principles of Bible Authority - To know how to study, we must understand the principles God uses to teach us. [2 Tim. 2:15 ]
    • God's command for us today are revealed in the New Testament
    • In the Bible, God uses three basic methods to reveal His Will
      1. Commands and direct statements
      2. Examples and illustrations
      3. Logical necessary conclusions ("necessary inferences" or "Scriptural reasoning")
    • God's Word completely reveals His Will for us
    • Only Divine authority, not human authority is acceptable in religion. Ways that seem right result in death. (Proverbs 14:12 )
    • God may teach in general of specific terms. E.g. God told Noah to construct the ark with specific instructions. He also told us to go and preach the gospel but didn't say exactly how.
  3. Other Rules For Bible Study
    • Consider Other Passages on the Same Subject - Truth on a subject is determined by "adding up" all pertinent passages.
    • Consider Context and Background - "context" means the verses surrounding the one being studied, especially verses on the same subject. By "background" it means who is speaking, to whom they speak, the people addressed, when and where, etc.
    • Define the meaning of the words - the Bible is verbally inspired by God. The message is revealed in words, and we understang it only when we understand the words.
  4.  Tools & Suggested Procedures for Bible Study. 

                Helpful Tools for Study - Translations, Cross references, Concordance, Bible Dictionaries, Commentaries, etc.

                Suggested Procedures for Bible Study

                    a) Study the general background of the book of the Bible

b) Read the passage in context
c) Study the particular passage section by section
 Conclusion : God's word not only teaches why we should study, it teaches us how to study. We have no good excuse for not studying and learning God's word.  




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