Wesley Methodist Church Alor Setar

Wesley Methodist Church Alor Setar



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Precious Home Dec 2013
Written by TAS   


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Written by wmcas   
Written by wmcas   

Reported by Yeoh Ti Pheng (20th September, 2009)

The Community Tuition classes have increased from 5 classes in 2008 to 9 classes this year. The Coordinator is Yeoh Ti Pheng. A word of appreciation to the group of teachers who have served in this area faithfully. It is one area of service that requires great patience and perseverance. We are currently still looking for Maths and Science teachers for next year's classes. Apart from giving classes, the Committee also organizes activities for the students. Among the activities organized were the Easter Party and an outing with the MYF'ers in a hike up Penang Hill. Community Tuition students are also encouraged to join the SU Camp.

The Medical Outreach is another programme under this ministry. Coordinated by Dr. Tong Wai Sin, 2 medical outreach programmes have been carried out this year. The third is scheduled for the end of October this year. Also a word of appreciation to the doctors, medical support staff and church members who have laboured to make them a success.

There is also a Christian Care Fund under this ministry. The funds are designated for the following:

  1. Old Folks Home / Orphanage
  2. Local and National Disasters
    • Sri Lanka Civil War which involves 265 000 people displaced in camps
    • Taiwan Typhoon where 7 000 people needed resettlement
  3. Sponsorship and Assistance to the Poor and Needy
    • Families who cannot pay school fees
    • Monthly support for a girl in Form 6
    • Pastor of an indigenous group whose son is suffering from kidney problems

Visitations have also been carried out to the Old Folks' Home and Orphanage.

The Christian Social Concerns Committee would like to extend its appreciation to those who have been and are still working tirelessly and quietly for these areas.

Written by wmcas   

These are some of the programmes that we have planned or carried out for this year.

  1. Visitation of Old Folks Home and Orphanage
    Twice a year visitations will be organized during Easter and Christmas for both places. We are always looking for members who want to be part of these teams.
  2. Visitation Teams
    There currently 2 teams for visitation of church members and friends. Church members are challenged to join these visitation teams. Building strong relationships is one of the important foundations of a church. Visitations in hospital for church members and friends will be done according to the need that arises.
  3. Community Medical Outreach Project
    Medical Talks will be carried out 3 times a year for this year:
  4. Local and National Disaster
  5. Condolences / Wreath
  6. Community Tuition
  7. Social Concerns Sunday
    A talk by Malaysian CARE in the month of September will be organized.
  8. Special Group Fund
  9. Cambodian Needy Families
We are constantly on the lookout for people who can serve in many of the areas which should concern us. We believe that meeting the physical needs of those in need is as important as meeting their spiritual needs.

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