Wesley Methodist Church Alor Setar

Wesley Methodist Church Alor Setar

Prayer List

If you are lord God resists you. If He is LORD God assists you.


1  LCEC 1ST MEETING IS ON 12/1/2011

  • Praise God for the unity & unaminity forged in setting our church vision & mission, theme & goals for 2011. Praise God that each LCEC member has accepted God's call to serve in the position & portfolios offered to them. The road ahead is tough & many challenges ahead will test their competence & faithfulness, their reliability &  integrity. But God has install for them joys & victories. Uphold each LCEC member & his/her family in prayer. They are precious in God's eyes & very valuable  ieaders in the church. They need your support & encouragement, your cooperation & goodwill to serve God & His church excellently & sacrificially.
  • Pray each LCEC member will seek God's will & wisdom as they plan with their committees / ministry teams their focus & goals, their programs & budget for 2011. Pray the goals set will be God-sized & achievable, the programs planned be implementable & measurable & the budget they ask for will be responsible & accountable.

2  CARE GROUPS (CGs) Praise God for sustaiing & growing all the CARE groups through the peaks & valleys, joys & pains of living & serving Him together in community. Praise God for the good time of fellowship & consultation the CG leaders had with the Pastoral CARE Team (PCT) on 5/1 in reviewing the condition & health of each CG & in previewing the new changes & challenges they will face together in the near fuure. Registration & re-registration for membership/ affiliation with each CG starts this week. More detais will be given at our worship service on 9/1.

  • Pray those who are presently not in any CG will take this opportunity to sign up & join any CG of their choice.
  • Existing CG members are free to remain in their CG or move on to another CG of their choice. No questions will be asked. Pray they will seek God's guidance in deciding which CG they want to be in to care & be cared for, to grow in character & to  be equipped for ministry.


2 groups will be started this week on 11/1/11 (Tue) and 14/1/11(Thurs). Praise God for the enthusiastic response. Thank God for the availability & suitability of the resource materials to be used & the willingness of the leaders/ co-leaders to run this program.

  • Pray the right person will join the right group to be discipled. Pray God will gel the leaders & coleaders of each group with those attending
  • Pray God's enabling & empowering for everyone who have committed themselves to be discipled for the next 7 weeks. Pray they will faithfully attend & enthusiastically abide by the Disciple's Covenant
  • Pray everyone of them will mature in developing a personal lifelong obedient relationship with Jesus Christ. Pray God will transform their character to be like Christ, their values into Kingdom values & involve them in His mission in the home, church & the world.


“This is what the LORD says: Do what is just and right. Rescue from the hands of their oppressors those who have been robbed. Do no wrong or violence to the foreigner, the fatherless or the widow, and do not shed innocent blood in this place (Je 22:3, TNIV).

continue to pray:

  • For a society that seeks to do justice & love mercy, looks after & welcomes the poor, the strangers and the oppressed
  • For the governing authorities, the judiciary and the lawmakers: integrity and clean hands
  • For the state of Selangor
    • The controversial appointment of Datuk Mohd Khusrin Munawi as the Selangor state secretary may lead to a constitutional crisis if the Selangor Sultan carries out a planned swearing-in ceremony for the post on January 6. Constitutional experts argued today that the ceremony, scheduled for next Thursday, was “unlawful” as the state constitution dictates that the oath of office has to be done in front of the Selangor mentri besar, and not the Selangor Sultan. The Selangor government has insisted it has the final say in deciding the state secretary, after the Selangor Sultan agreed with Putrajaya to appoint Mohd Khusrin as state secretary despite Khalid having his own list of names for the top civil service post in the country’s wealthiest state (31/12/10, http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/malaysia/article/selangor-row-headiinefor-constitutional-impasse/)


Ask the holy Spirit help you intercede for the Karen people in the refugee camps bordering Thailand & Burma.

Karen oppression continues in Burma, media backout continues

Burman (MNN) -- While January 4 marks Burma's independence, the Karen people there won't celebrate. Thousands have been killed and are now refugees because of attacks by the government. Thousands escaped across the Thai border. Now the Thai military is forcing them to return. Patrick Klein with Vision Beyond Borders says that's not true. The Karen face genocide. "It's estimated that over 3,300 villages have been burned to the ground. Women have been raped and murdered. [They're] putting land mines around the villages and starving people to death. And it seems like the international media is not talking about it." Klein isn't sure why. That's why they produced a DVD documentary and prayer guide. "We're praying for a grass roots movement. We're praying that Christians in America would rise up and say, 'This has got to stop.' First and foremost pray. But also start talking about it. Tell their neighbors; tell their friends. Show the DVD to Bible study groups." Even in the midst of persecution, many Karen are coming to Christ. Your prayerful and financial support can help VBB partners do even more.

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