Wesley Methodist Church Alor Setar

Wesley Methodist Church Alor Setar

Prayer items for Taiwan Native Singer Evangelistic Night

Pray for:

1. Brother Yeoh Ti Pheng and the committee to see to every detail of the preparation.
2. Church members to actively seek out those who can be invited for the event.
3. The participants for the two medical talks will be contacted and invited for this event.
4. Fine weather on that night that no one will be prevented from turning up.
5. All systems to work well without any hitch.
6. The team from Taiwan under Pastor陈忠喜 and his daughter 陈沙仑 will be kept in good health, their voices will be preserved and that they will be able to deliver the gospel message powerfully.
7. People will respond to the altar call to receive Jesus as their personal saviour.
8. Ushers and counselors will be equipped to assist Rev Lim in guiding those who respond to the altar call.

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