Wesley Methodist Church Alor Setar

Wesley Methodist Church Alor Setar

Reacting To A Difficult Circumstance
Written by Siew Lan   

thots2010smallToday’s reading in Scripture Union’s “daily bread” (3 March 2010) looked into the verses in Exodus 17:1-16 .

The Israelites had come to a place in the desert called Rephidim  and there was no water to drink. It was indeed a very difficult trial for them.

How did they react to this circumstance? They complained, murmured and grumbled.  They blamed Moses. They demanded for water from Moses.

Many of us will shake our heads in disbelief when we read about the behaviour of the Israelites whom Moses were leading out of Egypt. We may ask, “How can they behave like this when they are experiencing at first hand the very presence and leading of Jehovah God? They can see God leading  with the pillar of cloud by day and fire by night ! Why don’t they ask God to take care of them?”

How do we react when we are in very difficult circumstances? Do we not also complain, murmur and grumble?  Do we not also look for scapegoats to blame? Do we not also demand for what we think is entitled to us? Are we not very similar to our brethrens of old, the Israelites?

How did Moses react when the Israelites came at him with their murmurings and grumblings – almost ready ‘to stone’ him?  Moses did not react in like manner.  He did not admonish them though he questioned their behavior. He wanted them to consider and examine their behavior with regard to God.

Then Moses went to God with this problem.

God provided. Glory be to Him. He is  faithful and trustworthy God.

Another lesson in faith can be gleaned when the Israelites had to face the Amalekites.

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